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  Q What is a personal computer?
  Q How do personal computers output Kanji?
  Q What is a font?
  Q What is a character code?
  Q How are Kanji input?
  Q Is it impossible to use characters not in the character set?
  Q Do I only need a user-defined character editor to use user-defined characters?
  Q How do I input user-defined characters with IME?
  Q Is it possible to use characters from mainframes?
  Q What is the JIS code?
  Q What is the Shift JIS code?
  Q What is Unicode?
  Q How long will it take for Unicode to become available?
  Q What is XKP?
  Q Can user-defined characters be transferred using XKP?
  Q Is it possible to use more user-defined characters than the number of character codes available?
  Q Can XKP user-defined characters be printed?

Japanese Processing Guidebook


Q How do I input user-defined characters with IME?

A You must register the user-defined characters' information first.

User-defined characters cannot be used immediately with IME simply by creating them with a user-defined character editor.
With traditional user-defined characters, it is necessary to register the user-defined character and its reading in the IME dictionary.
Under systems such as XKP, where user-defined characters are centrally administered, it is possible to input user-defined characters by registering the required information in the administrative database.

Example of registration of a word using a user-defined character under MS-IME98