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  Q What is a personal computer?
  Q How do personal computers output Kanji?
  Q What is a font?
  Q What is a character code?
  Q How are Kanji input?
  Q Is it impossible to use characters not in the character set?
  Q Do I only need a user-defined character editor to use user-defined characters?
  Q How do I input user-defined characters with IME?
  Q Is it possible to use characters from mainframes?
  Q What is the JIS code?
  Q What is the Shift JIS code?
  Q What is Unicode?
  Q How long will it take for Unicode to become available?
  Q What is XKP?
  Q Can user-defined characters be transferred using XKP?
  Q Is it possible to use more user-defined characters than the number of character codes available?
  Q Can XKP user-defined characters be printed?

Japanese Processing Guidebook


Q Can XKP user-defined characters be printed?

A Yes.

User-defined characters created under the XKP standard are defined in TrueType form.
Display and printing is carried out by switching to this font.
For this reason, if the printer is capable of printing TrueType fonts, XKP user-defined characters can be printed without any extra equipment.
Because TrueType fonts are outline fonts, it is possible to print smooth characters based on the printer's resolution. If the printer's resolution is high, the output will look better.